promotional & marketing 

Tier 1 YouTube & Spotify advertising 

National & international radio & music TV promotion 

Influencer marketing - IG & TikTok 

Bespoke playlist pitching 

Brand identity & artistic direction 

Project asset creation 

Marketing asset creation 

Marketing planning

Print media & digital PR 

Social media content scheduling  


project management

Full service single campaigns 

Hit songwriter collaborations & buyouts 

Digital asset optimisation 

A - Z release strategy implementation 

Artist development & label upstream solutions 

Major artist feature requests

Performing & neighbouring rights registration guidance  

Endorsement deals 




Chart registration 

Professional artist bio - Apple Music & Spotify

Media encoding / airplay monitoring solutions & set up 

"Backend" metadata facilitation - Get set up for TV, automotive systems & music guide display

Label set up optimisation & consulting 

IG story lyric sync & display 

Artist SEO 



Zal Cleminson 


The asuras

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